Striving to impart and reinforce positive mindsets, the SLAPcollective (a Brooklyn, NY based 501c3) is a melding of groups, individuals, and initiatives who stand for self love, affirmation, and preservation by way of creative practices.

From workshops and group discussions to shared work spaces and artistic productions – spanning various mediums and methods – we work to provide and educate about available resources, opportunities and other general informations within the spaces we hold.

The Collective mission is to connect and mix creatives with one another and audiences to display and further develop their artistic grasps; we aim to grow and cultivate a succinct community of artists, resources, and opportunities that help elevate artists of all degrees. We encourage you to take part in and explore your own means of creative expression.


what we’re working on building is a culture of dialogue and creating a community of individuals who find the power and beauty in expressing themselves artistically and otherwise
— Sabrina Labossiere, founder of the SLAPcollective